Beta Security
Security Protection

Beta Security Services was formed to protect and to serve the nation with the best tactical Solutions in the Industry. Our reputation has been surpassed by the way we have handled Crime and the way we have Managed a Zero Crime Tolerance to any Crime. With the Changing technologies in the Industry, we make sure that Beta Security is ahead of all the changes in the Industry.

Your Safety is Our Concern.

Hotel and Retail Security
We have the best Professional Hotel and Retail Guarding Services. Having our Field Personel on the Floor and Fully Monitored CCTV in the Control Room, we make sure we have all eyes everywhere.
Industrial and Commercial Guarding Services
We provide 24-Hour Service Guarding Services, for all your Commercial and Industrial Sites. We have Day Un-Armed and Armed Guards and Night Shift Armed and Un-Armed Guards. We have patrol vehicles each and every moment passing through.
VIP Protection and Escorts
We provide undercover Escorts and VIP Protection Services, we make sure you are safe from Airport to your Home, we also provide Long Distance VIP and Escorts Services.
Off-Site CCTV Monitoring
We provide Off-Site Monitoring for all our Sites. We make sure that we have extra eyes wherever our Security Officers are at. All its in the making a free and peace places for all our clients and the nation at large.
Control Room
Beta Security have dedicated personel, Control Room Officers who checks all areas using CCTV footage fully installed and Arlet Ground Officers to be react if need be.
Armed Reaction
We have a standby Armed Reaction Services that responses to any Emergency Services. They are fully equipped and fully trained with the use of Handgun and Rifles.
We have Patrol Vehicles that passes through every Client service Areas to make sure that all our Clients are safe at all times.
Event Security
We supply Event Securities for all Events, Our Event Officers have a 2-Way Communication Systems that allows everyone to be on same Page with the Event.
Crowd Control
We also do crowd controlling for Sports, Events, Shows, Races and other Social Gatherings. Our Officers are fully trained and fully equipped for all Events.
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