Beta Retail Systems
Retail Systems
Beta Retail Systems came to market with the greatest solutions of the Retail Sector. The retail is one of the most active sectors in the business world, but less attention has been placed in them. Beta Retail Systems has created systems that will allow the sector to operate on a best of its needs and by that it will create Job Opportunities and on the other saving the Retail Sector on Revenue. We have placed ourselves in a number of  Retail Business Centers, our Main role is to make sure that Trolleys and Baskets does not leave the centers. And we also have best Merchandising Teams, Full Trained Cashiers with great Attitude and Customer Services, Till Packers and Store Cleaners.

"Beta Retail Systems has become the Premier Supplier and Support for the Retail Sector"

Fully Trained Cashiers
We have best trained Cashiers with fully understanding of the Customer Service, great knowledge of all types of Payment Services.
In-Store Packing (Merchandising)
We have best trained Staff for In-Store Packing and Merchandising. They are trained with the Merchandising Policies, and Managing Stock from the Back to the Front.
In-Store Till Packers
We supply Till Packers for all Retail Sectors, they are trained Till cashiers entry level. Customer Service is the key.
Trolley Collecters
We supply center and client trolley collectors for all major centers. We also supply trolley and baskets cleaners, they get cleaned on regular basis.
Stock Take
We have best Stock Take Teams, Planning, Implementing and Counting. We have the best accuracy Rate, Beta Tried.
General Packers
We have General Packers, Warehouse Packers, Storage Packers and High Access Packing.
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